Image by Ray Reyes

1 Day Group Session

to Quit Smoking or Vaping

  • Includes a brief screening intake by phone and prepayment to register. 
  • In class Introduction, Theory and Instruction 
- 2 Hypnosis sessions -
Break in-between with Refreshments
- MP3 Hypnosis recording for home use -
  • These Group Sessions take place on Tuesday Evenings 6pm to 9:30pm, or Saturdays at 10am to 1:30pm or 2:30pm to 6pm.   Schedule Now!  
  • Group Sessions will commence when minimum amount (5) of attendees are registered
  • Once you register you can sign-up-a-friend for Half Price ... so spread the word.

New One-on-One


  • This is a Private Session Program customized to your needs and particular issues pertaining to your smoking habit.  Create and achieve your own success quitting smoking now.  This program explains, educates and helps you devise the tools and techniques that will work for YOU to help you stop smoking NOW

  • Each individual is unique and therefore duplicating the same basic processes just doesn't always work for everyone.  Many are successful in group sessions but sometimes One Size doesn't fit all! 

  • Finally feel the freedom and control of using what works for you and understanding why Will-Power is not enough. And you can apply the same principles you learn to achieving success in many other areas of your life.